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Holistic Home Care Program

Our program is geared towards promoting mental and physical stability for our clients through ongoing nursing assessment, evaluation and interventions

Allied Health Systems LLC Provides services to all persons regardless of age, race, color, creed, sexual orientation. handicap or nationality.

Treatment & Management

Visiting Nursing:

  • Physical assessment.

  • Medication Management / Treatment Coordination

  • Wound care, ostomy care, post surgical/procedure care. Bowel and bladder management, urinary catheter care.

  • Cardiac/respiratory management.

  • Injections, infusion, therapy, parental feedings and care.

  • Psychiatric Disorder management

  • Diabetes care & management

    • Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy:

    • Evaluation & Treatment

    • Home Health Aid:

    • Assist patients in their activities of daily living.

    • Personal care